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Anonymous asked:

Hello, may I know if youre a Christian? Because I see a few post about bible verses and stuff. Just asking :)

Yes I am! :) Thanks for visiting this blog!


Being able to be comfortably silent with someone is really important for INFJs and other introverts. While extroverts may feel ignored or like they need to fill the silence, introverts value allowing themselves and others time to think. It is a courtesy we love to give and receive because it’s the…

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Still here, still waiting for your reply.

Letting the crowd claustrophobe my suspicion

intuition, if you may,

as you keep misreading my signs.

Lucky you.

Yet, I do not intend to wait, not tonight.

I must get out of here, out this coffee shop,

out of all the social media sites:



It’s been five years since the last time she saw him.

It was 1939 when Adolf Hitler declared World War II. As a soldier, he was ordered to go to the German Army High Command to train there before Hitler dominates Central Europe. They said their goodbyes before the train took off. They promised…