Still here, still waiting for your reply.

Letting the crowd claustrophobe my suspicion

intuition, if you may,

as you keep misreading my signs.

Lucky you.

Yet, I do not intend to wait, not tonight.

I must get out of here, out this coffee shop,

out of all the social media sites:



It’s been five years since the last time she saw him.

It was 1939 when Adolf Hitler declared World War II. As a soldier, he was ordered to go to the German Army High Command to train there before Hitler dominates Central Europe. They said their goodbyes before the train took off. They promised…


The past few months I delved deep into experimental portraiture, alongside this good ol’ evermorphing contemporary art that just wriggles when you try to pin it down. Portraits in flux started to emerge. I thought I’d share a step I took along the way for this recent exhibit at the Ice House in Sarasota- A draft gif that eventually inspired a continually looping stop motion.
My sister modeled for me. I think it’s fun to share that. Because it really just started with static photos, frozen moments. Just as it did with Talbot and Stieglitz and all the photographic torchbearers. I’m hoping to keep them from rolling in their graves but it’s a bit late for that perhaps, or a bit irrelevant. Who knows.

13.04.14 @ 12:483605

13.04.14 @ 12:412405


Most Popular Photo Last Year by earlybird
A magical and dramatic monochromatic portrait courtesy of a well-executed double exposure!

13.04.14 @ 12:40397


As I was rummaging in my old trunk, I saw a small red velvet box gathering dust underneath some yellowing books, letters, and black and white photographs. What’s in the box is a gold chain bracelet rusting its worth and value away. Is this a remembrance of the past, of a friendship? A symbol of…

My secret, sunlit hideout…

'The to-not do list' from the book, I Wrote This For You

07.04.14 @ 19:1124


John Cale, Lou Reed, Patti Smith and David Byrne

07.04.14 @ 17:052137


awkward handshake-hug with Matthew Healy of The 1975.

07.04.14 @ 16:4192

07.04.14 @ 16:223

07.04.14 @ 11:5913933

07.04.14 @ 11:5534996

07.04.14 @ 11:478040

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